Lifts & Lift Equipment
Tesco of America has a full line of automotive lifts and Hydraulic jacks. Our brands include Challenger, Zinko, Omega, and many more.
Tire Equipment & Supplies
Tesco of America specializes in all types of Tire Equipment including, tire changers, tire balancers, nitrogen inflation, TPMS and a large selection of fire changing tools.
Retreading & Retreading Supplies
Tesco of America sells a complete line of retreading supplies to South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico, & North American Markets.
Wheel balancing weights and accessories for tyre shops
Italmatic produces a complete range of wheel balance weights for OEM and the spare part market, next to which it put the distribution of consumables for mounting, assistance and repairing of tyres (accessories for tyre …
Italmatic is a leading producer of autoclaves having their main application in the following fields: -glass industry, using autoclaves for laminated glass stratification; -composite materials industry (for ex. aeronautic, …
Plants and equipment for car and truck tyre retreading
Italmatic, with more than 7500 machineries installed worldwide, is leader in the design, construction and installation of plants and equipments for tyre
Plants for OTR retreading up to 63"
By the taking over of MGT, Italmatic boasts the range most in the van of computerized equipment for OTR retreading up to 63". The wide range of computerized machines allows to cover all of the tyre sizes and all of the requirements of the …
Plants for AIRCRAFT tyres retreading
Italmatic produces complete plants and presses for aircraft tyres …
Tyre moulds and matrices
Italmatic has the technology and experience to design and produce any type of alu mould (cylindrical, in two halves, conical, etc.), for the production of both new and retreaded …
Rollers rubberizing services
Italmatic has available at its factory in Capannori (Lucca) a dept. equipped with machines of its own production to make the rubberizing in account of manufacture of rollers of outside diameter up to 1.500 mm and of max. length up to …
Plants to produce precured tread
Italmatic is skilled in the supply of complete plants to produce any type of precured tread band for tyres retreading (extruders, presses, aluminium
Plants and know-how for new solid tyres
Italmatic produces complete plants for the production of solid tyres for forklifts. Moreover, thanks to our experience of many years gained in the development of rubber compounds, we can supply know-how complete not only of machines …
Plants and know-how for rollers rubberizing
Italmatic is skilled in the supply of complete plants for rubber and polyurethane covering of any type of cylinder for all applications (ex. paper, textile, metallurgic industries, etc.). The machines can be seen also in …
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Tesco also offers a full line of repair services!
We Offer: Lift repair and service Hydraulic repair and service Tire equipment repair and service
Toll Free: (800) 377-3329
Local: (954) 565-5601
Supplier to the Automotive Service & Tire Retreading Industries Proveedor a La Industria Reencauchadora y Centros de Auto Servicio
75 Years Of Combined Expertise & Service To The Industry